Hey people! Just a quick post to anounce the very recent launch of Browserhacks!

Browserhacks is an extensive list of browser specific CSS (and somewhat JavaScript) hacks gathered from all over the interwebz.

Why doing this?

There are two main reasons that lead us to create Browserhacks.

The first one is that we couldn’t find a place where all (at least many) hacks were gathered (or it was way too old; Netscape 4 says hi!). The best spot at the moment is this great blog post by Paul Irish, but it’s a) a blog post; b) there are a lot of interesting stuff in the hundred of comments nobody will ever read anymore.

Anyway, we thought it could be a good idea to get our hands a little dirty and merge all the cool sources we could find on the topic into a lovely tool.

The other reason is that we wanted to do something together for quite a while now and it was a very good opportunity to do it! So we did.

Who is “we”?

We is the short for a group of 6 persons gathered under the sweet name of 4ae9b8. How cool is that name, right?! Anyway, we are:

Even if in this project, Tim and I did most of the job. However everybody has participated by giving opinion, advices and making tests. :)

How to use it?

It couldn’t be any simpler. If you ever happen to be stuck on a rendering bug in let’s say… Internet Explorer 7 (only an example…), you could simply:

  1. Come to Browserhacks.com,
  2. Search for “IE7”,
  3. Copy one of the proposed hacks,
  4. Paste it in your stylesheet,
  5. Keep CSS-ing worry-free!

If you don’t feel like using this because you don’t like CSS hacks (understandable), simply don’t use it. However if you start trolling, God will kill many kittens.

Final words

Browserhacks is built on a PHP/Backbone.js structure. The frontend stuff is built with Tim’s framework Crystallo and Sass.

The source code is available on GitHub. If you find a bug, want to make a suggestion or propose a hack, please open an issue in the bug tracker. Many kudos to you!

Here is what we plan on for the next version:

  • Put the hacks that matches in your browser first
  • Improve the search by adding moar filterz (like a type filter)
  • Improve the main site in Internet Explorer 8-
  • Add moar hackz!

Hope you like it, happy hacking!

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