I’m Kitty. I’m a Berlin-based non-binary trans frontend engineer with over a decade of experience, currently focused on accessibility, diversity and inclusion. In recent years, I have led engineering teams at both Gorillas and N26 for several years, hired many engineers, and helped scale up both companies. As of late 2022, I am the VP of Engineering at Cofenster.

Professional experience

I originally come from the French Alps where I worked for a few years before having the opportunity to move to Berlin in 2015 to join Edenspiekermann. There, I learnt about building digital products in an agile way and worked on a variety of projects, such as Redbull advertising and German and Swiss digital newspapers.

At the end of the 2016, I joined N26 as a web tech lead to hire a team and rebuild the N26 web platform from scratch. During my time there, I focused on accessibility, security, documentation and team culture.

After 4 years at N26, I decided it was time for a change and joined quick-delivery startup Gorillas as one of the very first engineers to build the Product & Engineering department. I spent 18 months growing the organization, establishing practices and culture and leading web engineering. I was unfortunately part of the wave of layoffs striking the company in summer 2022.

This is how I got to join Cofenster as a VP of Engineering at the end of of 2022, making my move into the B2B world, changing scale and pace in the process.

For a more detailed version of my professional background, feel free to read my resume or LinkedIn.

Open-source contributions

I have done my fair share of open-source work and have initiated some projects of my own you might know: Browserhacks, SassDoc, Sass Guidelines, Simplified JavaScript Jargon, a11y-dialog and a11y-toggle.

You can browse more of my projects.

Awards & achievements

Early 2015, I authored a French book on CSS titled CSS 3 Pratique du Design Web (CSS 3 for Web Design). A year later, I co-authored a book about Sass titled Jump Start Sass with Miriam Suzanne.

I used to be a Google Developer Expert in frontend development and as of 2022, I am an official Sanity community ambassador.

In 2015, I was one of the 5 nominees for the Net Awards under the Developer of the Year category. And recently in 2023, I was nominated for a Xena Awards in the Open Source category.


For a more personal glance at my last ten years, be sure to read A decade in review, and if you have any question, feel free to ask me anything on me Ask Me Anything repository.

If you mentioned my dead name somewhere on the internet over the years, please kindly update the references to use Kitty instead as well as the correct pronouns (she/her or they/them).