I recently discovered the Ask Me Anything concept, through the AMA repository of Sindre Sorhus, the author of countless node modules.

The idea is simple: people can ask questions about basically anything on the repository, to whom the author reply the way they feels. Once a question has been answered, the issue gets closed and that’s it.

It turns out he is not the only one with an Ask Me Anything repository; there are a whole bunch of people replying to questions about them on GitHub!

Let’s try this

I really dig this idea. I feel it’s a great way to know more about someone or to be able to ask questions in a more robust way than Twitter, and less private (so more searchable) than emails.

That’s why I created an Ask Me Anything repository for me where you can ask me questions if you feel like it. Feel free to ask anything; code, Sass, life, hobbies, stupid, non-stupid, whatever.

This is an excellent question

I already replied to about 20 questions so far, among which you’ll learn that:

And much more! I realise this is probably something I should have done a while ago given the amount of questions I’ve been asked on Twitter / GitHub / email. Better late than never!

I also incite you to have your own repository so people can ask you questions! Let’s dig this AMA concept!