Here is my personal git configuration (living in ~/.gitconfig) with comments to explain what every option does.

  # Enable colors in color-supporting terminals
  ui = true

  # Use VSCode as main git editor
  editor = code -w
  ignoreCase = false
  pager = diff-so-fancy | less --tabs=4 -RFX
  # Don’t consider trailing space change as a cause for merge conflicts
  whitespace = -trailing-space

  # Use better, descriptive initials (c, i, w) instead of a/b.
  mnemonicPrefix = true
  # Show renames/moves as such
  renames = true
  # Display submodule-related information (commit listings)
  submodule = log
  # Use VSCode as default diff tool when running `git difftool`
  tool = vscode

  prompt = false

[difftool "vscode"]
  cmd = code --wait --diff $LOCAL $REMOTE

  fsckobjects = true
  # Auto-fetch submodule changes (sadly, won’t auto-update)
  recurseSubmodules = on-demand

[filter "media"]
  clean = git media clean %f
  required = true
  smudge = git media smudge %f

  # Use abbrev SHAs whenever possible/relevant instead of full 40-chars
  abbrevCommit = true
  # Disable decorate for reflog
  decorate = false
  # Automatically --follow when given a single path
  follow = true

  # Display common-ancestor blocks in conflict hunks
  conflictstyle = diff3

# Custom/dedicated merge drive for npm lock files (`package-lock.json`)
# See
[merge "npm-merge-driver"]
  name = automatically merge npm lockfiles
  driver = npx npm-merge-driver merge %A %O %B %P

  # Clean up backup files created by merge tools on tool exit
  keepBackup = false
  # Clean up temp files created by merge tools on tool exit
  keepTemporaries = false
  # Auto-accept file prompts when launching merge tools
  prompt = false
  # Put the temp files in a dedicated dir anyway
  writeToTemp = true

  difftool = true

  default = current
  # When pushing, also push tags whose commit-ishs are now reachable upstream
  followTags = true

  # Automatically stash current WD and stage when running rebase
  autoStash = true

  fsckObjects = true

  # Recursively traverse untracked directories to display all contents
  showUntrackedFiles = all
  # Display submodule rev change summaries in status
  submoduleSummary = true

  # Sort tags as version numbers whenever applicable
  sort = version:refname

  fsckobjects = true

  prereleaseSuffix = -pre
  prereleaseSuffix = .pre
  prereleaseSuffix = -beta
  prereleaseSuffix = .beta
  prereleaseSuffix = -rc
  prereleaseSuffix = .rc

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